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Dispute resolution lawyers Legislation

Dispute resolution lawyers Legislation

The department that should be applied in case of dispute stands out as dispute resolution lawyers. In this context, OKdispute resolution lawyers handle the driver with an institutional understanding and offer rational solution methods. Especially when it comes to aviation, all laws and rules should be included in the procedure for this sector.


Thus, along with consultancy and lawsuits, correct breakthroughs take place at the point of employment. Because especially when it comes to disagreement, correct work in terms of OKemployment law aviation creates a time and cost gain plan.


Kartal Law Firm


Together with lawyers who are experienced in terms of aviation sector, OKKartal Law Firm provides institutional support. In the case of disputes and disagreements, studies are carried out on the right solutions for the aviation industry, depending on the Turkish civil aviation law. Thus, it is possible for customers to avoid unnecessary cost formation and time-consuming cases. Dispute resolution lawyers come into play, especially before disputes arise. In this context, legal measures are handled in advance and rights are best protected.


 employment law aviation


It is very important to get professional services in terms of employment law aviation both in terms of weather and consultancy and employment. Legal or precautionary measures are taken first and personal or corporate rights are protected against possible problems. Thus, possible conflicts are prevented through deterrent legal methods before any disputes arise. In order to prevent these studies, professional targets are handled in the direction of planning.Kartal Law Firm, which has been providing services by handling all these elements since its establishment, provides the best service to its customers in a safe manner.


 dispute resolution lawyers


Thanks to the dispute resolution lawyers service carried out with the corporate service approach, the potential to prevent possible conflicts is provided. In this regard, Kartal Law provides support in all aspects of the aviation industry, together with expert lawyers within the body of Frim. Correct solutions are addressed in plane crashes, reclaiming planes, insurance transactions, loss of passengers or cargo, as well as mortgages and many more.


The important thing is to completely eliminate possible disputes or conflicts. At the same time, it is to protect the reputation in the best way, together with the material and moral element through different cases.


 employment law aviation legislation


It is of great importance for the employment law aviation sector, especially during the litigation process. Lawyers who have become experts in aviation with the right solutions carry out correct studies under the Turkish civil aviation law.


– Local and foreign resources,

– Related legislation,

– Supreme Court,

Comparative law with Justice Decisions,

– European Court jurisprudence,


Many such elements are handled through lawyers who are experts in the aviation industry. Thus, professional support can be provided in case of many different problems.


Kartal Law Firm Aviation Service


You can get professional lawyer support in the Kartal Law Firm on aviation industry in every subject. Studies on consultancy and employment are carried out, especially in different litigation processes. The main purpose here is to achieve material and moral gain by protecting rights, either institutionally or individually. For this, all the legal elements before or on time and later are handled within the body of expert lawyers.


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